What is Generative AI and How Does it Impact Artists?

Expert Carly Rector gives an overview of recent developments in generative AI and how they impact artists and the art industry.

Detect and Prevent Art Copyright Theft

Concerned about infringement of your copyrighted art and images? Here are ways to protect yourself and take action.

What is the Crypto Art Market?

A huge emerging market has opened for artists to sell digital work online. Artist Marc-O-Matic is interviewed about his lucrative experience selling art as NFTs on the blockchain.

How Artists Can Fight Copyright Infringement

Artists who have experienced copyright infringement have options, including self-help techniques that can stop intellectual property theft.

How Artists Can Work Effectively with Publishers

Before agreeing to any publication offer, you should have some idea in mind with regard to the terms and conditions you are willing to accept.

Feeling the Infringement? Take Action Now

There is recent news out about copyright infringement, and none of it is good. But, the upside is that there is something you can do about it. You will need to take action now.

I’m Sorry …. WHAT Did You Sign??

I vote that artists start standing up for themselves, their beautiful artwork and the immense talent that they bring to this world, and demand fair treatment in their commercial dealings with these entities and similar bullies.

Reaping Profits through Copyright Infringement

Anyone who’s followed lawsuits against companies like Amazon knows that these large companies refuse to take responsibility for the widespread infringement that is cultivated on their websites

Alleged Copyright Theft Goes Viral

Outraged messages on Twitter and Facebook decried the copyright theft she reported, fueling a viral social media campaign aimed at exposing and stopping Cody Foster from profiting off of any potential copyright infringement.

Stop Copyright Theft at the Border

Customs and Border Protection is a resource to stop illegal profits from copyright theft. Here’s how to work with them.

How Artists Can Protect Their Intellectual Property

Why artists hesitate to protect what’s theirs, and why they absolutely shouldn’t.

Copyright Wars: How Big Box Store Theft Culture Hurts Artists

Guest blogger Emily Danchuk is an intellectual property attorney and founder of Copyright Collaborative, a web-based subscription program designed to educate, empower and unionize artists across the country in the fight against intellectual property theft.   I think it’s safe to say that the word “infringement” conjures up visions of Chinese factories and dusty marketplaces in […]

Documenting the Stolen Scream

Noam’s scream photo was blatantly ripped off and sold many times over, being credited to other people, even unscrupulous artists making lots of money selling it.

An Artist’s View of Pinterest

Artist Carolyn Pappas has taken down her Pinterest boards. She didn’t delete her account, though, because she wants to be able to comment on boards where her art has been pinned.