Copyright Wars: How Big Box Store Theft Culture Hurts Artists

Guest blogger Emily Danchuk is an intellectual property attorney and founder of Copyright Collaborative, a web-based subscription program designed to educate, empower and unionize artists across the country in the fight against intellectual property theft.   I think it’s safe to say that the word “infringement” conjures up visions of Chinese factories and dusty marketplaces in […]

All Systems Go

If your business isn’t producing for you, most likely there is a little tinkering to do under the hood with the systems in your business.

6 Ways to End the Year Creatively

During the quietest time of the year for your art business, you can make the most of your time even if you’re not meeting customers and selling your work.

Should You Discount Your Art?

Art has intrinsic value because it is not mass-produced and generic, and building on the perception of value can help you turn around those sagging sales without resorting to discounting your prices.

Is Art School Worth the Money?

Art Schools top the list of institutions with the most deeply in-debt students.

The Myth of Artists and Money

The artists I work with were never taught how to manage money, and so they just assume they are bad at it, and the swallow the myth of the starving artist.