Rethink Your Mindset About Pricing Art

Pricing and money can be uncomfortable subjects for artists. Your mindset plays a role in how you price and position your products, the marketplace you choose, and your confidence level.

Art Business Checklist & Cheat Sheet

Building an art business? You will need knowledge, planning, organization and presentation skills. Here’s our checklist with links to articles on many topics.

What Artists Must Know about Pricing Consistency

The pricing policies of many dealers basically reflect the amount of money they think their constituencies will spend on art.

Is Your Art Business Losing Money?

If you are simply guessing at prices without having a real idea of what you need to earn to make a profit, and what the market will bear for your work, this could be a main reason why your business isn’t making money.

Increase Your Profit Margin: Raise Your Prices

There are ways to add perceived value to your work, many of which you can easily implement. This provides you additional reasons to charge more for your art.

Should Your Art Website List Prices?

Failing to set prices withholds vital information, and a lack of information never inspired anyone to buy.

Should You Discount Your Art?

Art has intrinsic value because it is not mass-produced and generic, and building on the perception of value can help you turn around those sagging sales without resorting to discounting your prices.

Are You Ready to Hire Your First Sales Rep?

Most reps are not willing to take on a line until there are some proven sales in the marketplace.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark for 2011

The Top 10 most-read articles on Artsy Shark for 2011. Covers pricing, websites, corporate art, greeting card lines, book illustration marketing and increasing sales for your art business.

Consultation Case Study: Improving a Greeting Card Line

 An artist who designed a line of greeting cards requested a consultation to evaluate her collection and sales strategies. Is this line ready for retail?

Lessons from a Retailer

We are always on the lookout for new items that set us apart from the competition, but also are desired by our customers. And, we love buying and selling local wares.

Tired of Haggling Over Prices?

“When selling your art or craft product, do you allow customers to devalue your work by haggling with you over the price, and then lowering it just to get a sale?”

A Guide to Pricing Your Artwork

There is no perfect formula for pricing your work, but here are a few helpful hints.

Are Your Art Prices Unrealistic?

Not pricing your art correctly has consequences, and is unhealthy for your business.