Featured Artist Kate Passingham

I’ve long been captivated by pastels and am enthralled by the immediacy and intensity of their colours and their incredible versatility.

Featured Artist Sherif Hakeem

My inspiration for my art comes from subjects who have or had a difficult way of life. People who have the misfortune of being homeless and animals that are abused.

Featured Artist Jason Margolis

I am not the kind of artist who likes to stick to one theme and style only. I am inspired by interesting faces and characters, landscapes and skies in different moods, how water moves and forms shapes and what it reflects.

Featured Artist Jac Tilton

My watercolor landscapes are, in many cases, old or out of the way places. I have a long-standing attraction to these places and the quality that age, use and neglect can impart. There is, for me, something very compelling about the colors and textures that these objects and places possess.

Featured Artist Katy Bailey

From a very early age I never felt that words were enough to express how I felt so I began drawing my feelings. Consequently my work has always been a diary in paint.