Gallery Interview: Cowley Fine Art

Running a gallery is very much like creating art. You start with a vision and as you progress, the vision changes and evolves.

Gallery Interview: Jay Etkin Gallery

Overall, Jay Etkin is very optimistic about selling artwork. But, he also feels that the future of galleries is shifting dramatically.

Gallery Interview: ArtHaus

Our program is an adventurous blend of the expected and the unexpected.

Promoting Artists in a Pop Up Gallery

Pop ups are a great way to spread the word about your art, but note that it takes a lot of time to prepare for what is typically only a handful of days presence in the shop!

A Gallery Owner’s View: Realities of the Art Business

Suzanne Connors, owner of SaxArt Gallery in North Carolina, talks about success, overexposure, and partnering with artists.

A Gallery Owner’s View: What Artists Need to Know

In Part One of her interview with Artsy Shark, Suzanne Connors of SaxArt Gallery in North Carolina speaks frankly about challenges that art galleries face and what artists must know to work with galleries for mutual success.

Top 10 Ways that Galleries Find Artists

Puzzled as to how to connect with galleries? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. A survey of gallery owners reveals the best ways to connect and be found.

The Art of Wholesaling

Selling wholesale is very stabilizing to a business. Imagine starting work on a Monday morning in your studio, knowing that everything you will make that week is already sold!

Brilliant Planning Leads to a Sold Out Art Show

Is it pure luck when an artist sells every piece in a particular show?

Top 5 Tips on Getting into More Juried Art Exhibitions

In order to help build and develop their artistic resume,’ artists will find it necessary to enter juried art competitions on a regular basis. By entering and being accepted into juried art competitions, this then becomes a “third party” endorsement of the artist’s skill and artistic talents.

Use Video to Enhance Your Art Career

Videos document your growth as an artist. Artist change over time. The work you do today will probably be different from what you do five years or ten years from now.

An Artist’s Agent: On Seeking Representation

One of the most important things you need to do before approaching anyone for representation is to look at the art world as a whole and determine where you think your work might fit in.

Energy Art Gains Momentum

“Energy is one of the most ephemeral qualities to depict.”

The Fine Art of Connection

“What merits attention to this Facebook user is that not only has he made connections, but how he interacts with online friends to schedule gallery shows up and down the east coast and draws crowds to openings.”