Beware of Art Gallery Cash Flow Problems!

A savvy artist protects herself upfront. Before you drop off your work, be sure you have a good contract with the gallery!

Why Virtual Galleries Could Help Shape a Different Future for Artists

Ever-advancing technologies, combined with radical changes in consumer trends and how art collections are curated, could all point the way towards an exciting digital future for creatives.

What is Affordable Art?

When I walked into work that day and saw this immensely beautiful Miro diptych on the main wall of the gallery, my heart started racing.

What I Learned by being a Gallery Owner

I found it very difficult to survive and I have immense respect and admiration for those who do.

Want a Solo Art Show – When You’re 90?

There is very little to stop an artist or creative entrepreneur from creating as long as they can hold a tool or push paint onto canvas.

Anatomy of a Call for Artwork

The language of art calls is stilted because curators, gallery owners, art center administrators and university professors are using specific forms to announce calls for work.

Your Greatest Asset in Finding Gallery Representation

How do you sift through the thousands of galleries out there to find those suitable for you and your work?

Portrait of a Curator

The curatorial process at its most basic level begins by finding relationships between pieces and, by arranging them in a space so that a sense of harmony and balance may be achieved.

Gallery Interview: Cowley Fine Art

Running a gallery is very much like creating art. You start with a vision and as you progress, the vision changes and evolves.

Gallery Interview: Jay Etkin Gallery

Overall, Jay Etkin is very optimistic about selling artwork. But, he also feels that the future of galleries is shifting dramatically.

Gallery Interview: ArtHaus

Our program is an adventurous blend of the expected and the unexpected.

Promoting Artists in a Pop Up Gallery

Pop ups are a great way to spread the word about your art, but note that it takes a lot of time to prepare for what is typically only a handful of days presence in the shop!

The Best of Artsy Shark 2012

What were the most-read articles published on Artsy Shark this year? Here’s the annual countdown, including how to make the most of art shows, get more press, improve your sales and work with galleries.

A Gallery Owner’s View: Realities of the Art Business

Who we are looking for: Talented Artists, Driven personalities, Inspirational Visionaries. Respectful Humans, people with a love of art, creativity, and common sense. Most of all artists who want to work with other artists to succeed.