The Personal Touch

Talking about your artwork in front of others helps expand your comfort zone.

Increase Your Credibility as an Artist

Establishing your authority will make most potential customers take you more seriously, and it will build credibility.

Confessions of a Professional Art Gallery Closer

Heartfelt advice for artists on the essence of making sales from a long-time expert in the business.

An Artistic Life Well-Lived

Exploring the theme of “Spirit” as it relates to the Southwest Indians inspires my creativity as an artist.

How Artists Should Deal with the Naysayers

I have found the most supportive and validating people are the ones who are successful creatives themselves, comfortable being entrepreneurs who proudly love their jobs.

Thriving as an Artist in Mid-Life

Being centered and aligned with your resources, lining up the right amount of support, confidence, and happiness in your process and target market is key to planning a move forward and staying the course.

The Best of Artsy Shark 2012

What were the most-read articles published on Artsy Shark this year? Here’s the annual countdown, including how to make the most of art shows, get more press, improve your sales and work with galleries.

Fear of Failure

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Letter to a Young Artist

Never, ever apologize for your art or your talent. And don’t present your work as less than.

Going Belly Up

Sometimes the best thing about new entrepreneurs is that they don’t even imagine their dreams won’t work out. Imagine being in that place. What would you do if you were guaranteed success?

Success By the Numbers

If you are serious enough about your business to pursue appropriate prospects on a regular basis, you will get positive responses eventually, and some traction.

Thinking Big and Taking Action/Interview with Lesley Riley

Any artist can have the kind of success they dream of, but so many believe that it is an impossibility or out of their reach. That’s called thinking small and is a result of self-limiting beliefs.

10 Resolutions for Artists to Make this the Best Year Ever

Have you screwed things up? Yes, you have. No matter your level of education, chances are you took a few credits at the School of Hard Knocks. You remember well the lessons learned then, because you had the guts to take risks and try something new.

Artists Look to the New Year

Artists talk about the year just passed, and their resolutions for 2012. Some took risks, or had tough learning experiences. They grew in their businesses and their art. Here are their stories.