Featured Artist Michele Hardy

Fiber artist Michele Hardy creates colorful and energetic abstract art using fabric, dye, paint and lots and lots of thread!

Featured Artist Vinette Varvaro

Artist Vinette Varvaro creates portraits of flowers through a digital light printing process, with spectacular results.

Featured Artist Sia Aryai

Sia Aryai creates one of a kind, stunning interpretations of his photographs of trees by printing them on hand painted heavyweight paper

Featured Artist Mark Hurd

Capturing a special place, a wonderful memory or a magical moment in time is what defines artist Mark Hurd’s vivid ink on paper prints.

Featured Artist Elizabeth Busey

Printmaker Elizabeth Busey’s linoleum linocuts feature patterns found in nature, on both large and intimate scales.

Featured Artist Karen Whitman

The meticulously detailed linoleum block prints of artist Karen Whitman draw the viewer into her compositions.

Featured Artist Ben Hilario-Caguiat

I design my art as playgrounds for the mind and soul. I aim to create a visual feast of discovery where textures, colors, shapes and even subject matter are placed below the surface of a work’s initial form.

Featured Artist Carol Moore

I like that the craft (printmaking) is very physical; inking plates, operating presses, and rolling up slabs of ink are all a labor of love that bring me closer to my work.

Featured Artist Anne Moore

Anne Moore creates beautiful abstract imagery through her multi-layered monotype prints, each one a unique piece of art.

Featured Artist Emily Ennulat-Lustine

Mindful examination of the fine and subtle details that exist in both the physical world and the emotional one is perhaps the most inspiring and gratifying quality in creating my intaglio prints.

The Lay of the Landscape

Artsy Shark celebrates the diversity of styles, colors and ideas that our artist friends use in their own interpretations of this popular theme.

Featured Artist Sherrie York

Even when I’m not printing, natural and cultural history and conservation are an important focus for me.

Featured Artist Elena Olimpiev

I often use mixed techniques, pencil and ink drawing, oil and acrylic, but my favorite technique is etching!

Featured Artist Marcus Jackson

The land is filled with stories and Death is often a character in an arctic narrative.