Featured Artist Joani Share

Working with the chine-collé process on paper or collage on canvas, artist Joani Share portrays figures alone in the sea of humanity.

Featured Artist Bobbi Baugh

Textile artist Bobbi Baugh knows that everything has an inner story, one that isn’t visible from the exterior.

Featured Artist Joanie Landau

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse.

Featured Artist Brigitte Polemis

Reminiscent of pure iconic forms of pop art, artist Brigitte Polemis’ 3D digital prints address humanity, conformity and standardization.

Featured Artist Nancy Salamon

I use white stoneware fired to 2232°. My designs are drawn from nature—fish, herons, dragonflies, calla lilies, crabs, hummingbirds.

Featured Artist Clare Haxby

Combining painting with printmaking, British artist Clare Haxby captures the energy and mood of different destinations.

Featured Artist Dianne Jean Erickson

The portrait series “Women With Attitude” happened spontaneously one day as I was playing around with shapes and color.

Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson

Printmaker Jayne Reid Jackson achieves amazing depth and detail in her mezzotint prints, using light, shadow and contrast.

Featured Artist Cecelia Feld

Artist Cecelia Feld uses printmaking, painting and collage in her work. Her visual components lead down unexpected paths.

Featured Artist Linda Whitney

Printmaker Linda Whitney presents her portfolio of mezzotints inspired by Native American dances and traditions.

Featured Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter

Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter captures the botanical landscape of Northern California in her vibrant monoprints and collages.

Featured Artist Frantisek Strouhal

Artist Frantisek Strouhal uses traditional 19th century techniques combined with his contemporary vision to create timeless imagery

Featured Artist Laura Wilder

My work is described as being in “The Arts and Crafts Style,” or similar to old block prints, or the National Parks posters of the 1930s.

Featured Artist Anne Silber

Hand-printed serigraphs by Anne Silber are meticulously created with layers of stencils made by hand and oil-based ink.