Master of Humor: Interview with Photographer John Lund

The photography was more fun and took less time, and they paid me more. I said, “I think I’ll become a photographer.”

Art Licensing Strategies/Interview with Maria Brophy

Artsy Shark interviews art licensing expert Maria Brophy on how artists can protect themselves contractually when licensing their work.

Lessons from a Licensed Artist

An interview with artist Alex Colombo, who shares her thoughts on licensing art, the learning process and getting results.

Ask the Experts: Art Licensing

If you could pick one essential thing that artists need to know before licensing their art, what would that be?

Colorful Booth Design

How “wow” is your show booth? These artists show off their work in appealing, inviting exhibits at trade shows.

A Day in the Life of an Artist’s Licensing Agent

I use a combination of cold calling and email submissions. I submit artwork after reviewing the guidelines on the company’s website.

Want to Rock Your Art Business This Year? Start with Your Collection

Go into your design process knowing who your target customer is, what they buy and why your work will appeal to them.

Artist Profile: Smart Strategies for Licensing

We start with a pattern and then determine the type of product we might like to see it on.

Interview with an Art Licensing Agent

Julie Ager, the Licensing Director for Artistic Designs Group answered questions for artists who want to license their art.

Interview with Surtex Manager Penny Sikalis

Penny Sikalis, manager of the art licensing show Surtex in New York City reveals what artists need to know about exhibiting.

Conversation with an Art Publisher

An interview with art publishing executive Donna Levan, on what artists should know about working in the industry.

Make Your Line Retail Ready

Is your artwork a match for the corporate art market? Expert Joyce Creiger developed Art Specifier to help artists sell.

Secrets of Art Licensing Trade Show Success

Surface Designer Khristian Howell, well-known in art licensing circles, is a trade show veteran who shares some of her secrets for a successful event.

How to License Art to Manufacturers

Art licensing pro Joan Beiriger discusses the most important points in choosing to license your art, and how to begin the process.