Artsy Shark’s Greatest “Hits”

A rundown of the most-read articles ever on Artsy Shark, by category. Plus, the top 6 most-visited Featured Artist pages.

A Day in the Life of an Artist’s Agent

I use a combination of cold calling and email submissions. I submit artwork after reviewing the guidelines on the company’s website.

Want to Rock Your Art Business This Year? Start with Your Collection

As you consider how to grow your body of work, take a look at the big picture. Go into your design process knowing who your target customer is, what they buy and why your work will appeal to them.

Artist Profile: Smart Strategies for Licensing

We start with a pattern and then determine the type of product we might like to see it on. We try to consider the manufacturers perspective as far as the ability to market the product. In a way, it advances the dialogue between licensor and licensee to see the art prototyped, which in turn, helps determine if there is going to be a good business fit.

Interview with an Art Licensing Agent

In all fairness, licensing is not always right for everybody. To be a licensed artist is not like being a fine artist at all. For a fine artist, you can follow your passion. Do you have to adapt to the market? Sure. But not to the extent that you have to with licensing.

Interview with Surtex Manager Penny Sikalis

“What you are seeing on the floor at Surtex is a very big picture of what is trending. These people are ahead of the product curve. They are helping develop products, so what’s here on the floor is what you will see at retail in another year.”

Conversation with an Art Publisher

“Art publishing is a trend-driven business, thus we are continually analyzing and re-evaluating what themes and styles are selling, what wall décor formats are selling, and what available technologies we should be utilizing to create our products efficiently.”

Make Your Line Retail-Ready

Merry Lynch is a designer, creating stationery for high-end retailers. She discusses how artists can plan, research and design appealing products which will work at retail.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark this Year

Countdown of the top ten most-read articles on Artsy Shark in 2010. Includes articles on galleries, art licensing, art publishing, greeting cards, websites and strategies.

Secrets of Art Licensing Trade Show Success

Surface Designer Khristian Howell, well-known in art licensing circles, is a trade show veteran who shares some of her secrets for a successful event.

How to License Art to Manufacturers

Art licensing pro Joan Beiriger discusses the most important points in choosing to license your art, and how to begin the process. Research, finding the right manufacturers and how to contact them are highlights, as well as links to many resources about art licensing.

Press Release Tips For Artists Who License Their Art

Artist Tara Reed gives tips about press releases for artists who license their work.

A Guide to Art Licensing & Publishing

Jan Weiss, author of ebook “The CoExistence of Art and Money” presents an excerpt from the book which discusses art publishing and artists self-publishing their work.

Superb Branding and Strategies

The name “Ken Brown” is a familiar one from calligraphy sets and instruction books you have sold for many years, and you have truly branded yourself.and been an international spokesman, and partnered with wife Gail to product prints that sold millions of copies worldwide.