Artist John Costin

Artist John Costin shares a collection of highly detailed, life-size etchings of birds in their natural habitats.

Featured Artist Holly Helgeson

Most of my color palettes are inspired by the beauty bursting in nature. Another wonderful influence on my work comes from Mid-century modern design. I love the simple geometric patterns, clean lines, and bold color palettes.

Featured Artist Kristjana Williams

Kristjana’s designs are graphic & bold, layering and interweaving fragments of Victorian engravings and natural history prints with her own contemporary photography and illustration.

Featured Artist Jodi Broglio

Before launching Jolio Design, a boutique studio specializing in graphic design, packaging, branding and a fabulous Etsy shop, Jodi was a packaging designer at Mattel for the world’s most famous fashion icon, Barbie.

Interview with Surtex Manager Penny Sikalis

“What you are seeing on the floor at Surtex is a very big picture of what is trending. These people are ahead of the product curve. They are helping develop products, so what’s here on the floor is what you will see at retail in another year.”

Energy Art Gains Momentum

“Energy is one of the most ephemeral qualities to depict.”

Featured Artist Nat Connacher

Painter, Photographer and Designer Nat Connacher is the featured artist on Artsy Shark. He discusses his background, and his interest in working with abstract letterforms to create artwork

Featured Artist Kristin Doner

Featured Artist Kristen Doner works with abstract scanner art, using fingerprints and photographic tracings as images. She discusses her career, her work in pottery and going back to school to change mediums.

Featured Artist Francis Vallejo

Featured Artist Francis Vallejo graduated from art school in 2009, and is working on his portfolio to be an illustrator and graphic artist. He discusses his work, and his background.