The Critique

We secretly crave critiques, though. We know that to improve and grow, we need the opinion and input from someone we respect, an authority with the ability to help us reset our compass and find our true north.

How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with You

A well-planned strategy to connect with and court your prospective clients can make them fall truly, madly, deeply in love with you and your work.

On Rejection

“The only real failure in life is the failure to try.”

“You’ll Never Make a Living as an Artist”

Negative self-talk and lack of confidence have kept countless creative people from pursuing their dreams. Yes, it’s very hard. Yes, you will be discouraged, and yes, you will hear from people who say “You’ll never make it as an artist.” Anything that’s really worth it is difficult.

Presentation Skills for Artists

Do you become tongue-tied when speaking about your work in front of an audience? Coach and trainer Jim Hornickel discusses different techniques to improve your speaking style.

How to Grow Your Art Business Through Referrals

How to ask for and receive business referrals; word-of-mouth referrals, written referrals and networking are discussed.

Artists, Sensitivity and Confidence/Interview with Douglas Eby

Douglas Eby is a psychologist who studies giftedness, creativity and their relation to mental health issues.

How to Present Your Art with Impact

This article addresses how to enhance your website content and marketing materials to present your artwork professionally.

How to Fail as an Artist

Tongue-in-cheek article on what not to do to succeed as an artist. and links to articles on how to succeed.

Superb Branding and Strategies

Calligrapher and artist Ken Brown shares his expertise in the field and his story of becoming super successful.

How to Move Through Rejection

Author, teacher, speaker, and artist Cynthia Morris recently spoke about helping artists deal with rejection.

Interview with Ann Rea

Interview with artist advisor Ann Rea, who shares her wisdom and ideas for artists who want to build a successful business.