Featured Artist Alasdair Roy

I try to focus solely on the person in my picture, not adding a background or any colour so the viewer can see what I am trying to capture.

Featured Artist Helen Dearnley

Collaborative work with artist and musician Magne Furuholmen has solidified a strong doll theme that also runs throughout Helen’s practice as both a fine artist, illustrator and animator.

Featured Artist Mohan Ballard

I was taught to express myself through vivid and vibrant scenes while also exploring how to pack my images full of features and people.

Consultation Case Study: Freelance Illustrator

“This strategy has the long-term aim of the freelance illustrator being viewed as a consultative partner to clients, thereby setting up relationships which will lead to repeat business.”

Do You Want to be a Children’s Book Illustrator?

Are you interested in knowing more about how children’s book illustrators work? Here’s a step-by-step process to get involved in the field.

Featured Artist Michael Leadingham

Artist Michael Leadingham creates fantasy illustrations for book covers and is pursuing a career licensing his work.

Featured Artist Tiffany England

Illustrator and emerging artist Tiffany England is featured. She takes inspiration from various artists of the Golden Age of Illustration. Tiffany is classically trained and now lives in Los Angeles.

Featured Artist Jean Calomeni

My themes are ones of relationships, longing, loss, acceptance, independence and the empowerment and strength of women.

Featured Artist Francesca Tesoriere

Italian artist Francesca Tesoriere is a freelance illustrator who has created artwork for childrens books, greeting cards, gift wrap and other projects. She is seeking additional art licensing opportunities.

Featured Artist Fiona Morgan

Artsy Shark’s featured Australian artist and cookbook author Fiona Morgan talks about her year-long project creating an illustrated book of vegetarian recipes.

Featured Artist Andrew Binder

Andrew Binder, New York City artist, presents his portfolio of Dark Symbolist Art. He explains his inspiration and how he creates through photography, illustration and digital painting.

Featured Artist Krystal Campbell

Featured Artist Krystal Campbell is a native of Jamaica living in Canada. She is launching her career with her illustrations and artwork. She is inspired by emotions and her art is somewhat unpredictable. Krystal works in pen and ink, graphite, charcoal and digital drawing.

How to Become a Successful Book Illustrator

Book illustrator Duncan Long discusses his career and how he became successful in his field. He advises beginners on how to work with book and magazine publishers, marketing and pricing their work.

Featured Artist Sandi Harrold

Australian artist Sandi Harrold presents her portfolio of delightful animals and children. She also talks about her upcoming children’s book.