Featured Artist Alex Colombo

She is passionately and tirelessly devoted to creating new, dynamic art that not only honors the past but also speaks to the changing times we live in. To this end, she is currently creating several inspirational art collections for products to present at the Surtex show in 2013.

Featured Artist Patti Gay

This collection is made up totally from the textures that Noah paints.

Lessons from a Licensed Artist

My approach to any professional design project or business is to find out what’s going in the field.

Ask the Experts: Art Licensing

If you could pick one essential thing that artists need to know before licensing their art, what would that be?

Featured Artist Jodi Broglio

Before launching Jolio Design, a boutique studio specializing in graphic design, packaging, branding and a fabulous Etsy shop, Jodi was a packaging designer at Mattel for the world’s most famous fashion icon, Barbie.

Focus on Art Licensing at Surtex

Artists attend Surtex with the intention of meeting prospects to connect with for licensing opportunities. Manufacturers and others walk the show to find new fresh images that will appeal to their customers, to be used in product design.

Artist Creates Monkey Madness

Originally, Shannon came up with the idea to paint a sock monkey. Turns out that the sock monkey is one of those nostalgic, childhood memories which has obsessive fans all over the country.

The Truth About Art Publishing

The average life span of an image in the marketplace is much shorter than it was in the distant 20th Century.

A Day in the Life of an Artist’s Agent

I use a combination of cold calling and email submissions. I submit artwork after reviewing the guidelines on the company’s website.

Interview with Greeting Card Designer Kate Harper

The good news, from my observation, is that the Handmade and alternative card business is doing OK and I’ve had a rep confirm this recently.

Artist Profile: Smart Strategies for Licensing

We start with a pattern and then determine the type of product we might like to see it on. We try to consider the manufacturers perspective as far as the ability to market the product. In a way, it advances the dialogue between licensor and licensee to see the art prototyped, which in turn, helps determine if there is going to be a good business fit.

Interview with an Art Licensing Agent

In all fairness, licensing is not always right for everybody. To be a licensed artist is not like being a fine artist at all. For a fine artist, you can follow your passion. Do you have to adapt to the market? Sure. But not to the extent that you have to with licensing.

Interview with Surtex Manager Penny Sikalis

“What you are seeing on the floor at Surtex is a very big picture of what is trending. These people are ahead of the product curve. They are helping develop products, so what’s here on the floor is what you will see at retail in another year.”

Do You Want to be a Children’s Book Illustrator?

First, Cherish and Benjamin read the manuscript to be sure they feel the story would fit well with their art style, and that the project is one they can be excited about. Since each project is extremely time-consuming, the illustrator needs to be passionate about working on it and being part of the finished book. A negotiation follows, nailing down the price for the illustrations, and royalties.