Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark for 2011

The Top 10 most-read articles on Artsy Shark for 2011. Covers pricing, websites, corporate art, greeting card lines, book illustration marketing and increasing sales for your art business.

Interview with Greeting Card Designer Kate Harper

The good news, from my observation, is that the Handmade and alternative card business is doing OK and I’ve had a rep confirm this recently.

How to Succeed in the Changing Marketplace

The biggest frustration that I hear from the sales reps that I mentor, is that the old strategies aren’t working anymore.

Consultation Case Study: Improving a Greeting Card Line

 An artist who designed a line of greeting cards requested a consultation to evaluate her collection and sales strategies. Is this line ready for retail?

Greeting Card Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Niche Marketing

Billed as a “Canadian stationery company that sells socially responsible, eco-friendly, superior quality greeting cards and stationery paper goods,” they have quite a few ways of expressing that commitment.

Alaskan Artist Finds Success in Niche Market

Jill blends her love of her adopted home state with the wildness of Alaska’s people and place, weaving these themes into a strong niche line which has resulted in sales of over 30,000 cards in over 75 gift shop locations.

6 Ways to Improve Your Greeting Card Sales

Are you planning a greeting card line? Good design and text are important basics. Here are six additional suggestions to hone your line and grow your sales.

Top 10 Articles on Artsy Shark this Year

Countdown of the top ten most-read articles on Artsy Shark in 2010. Includes articles on galleries, art licensing, art publishing, greeting cards, websites and strategies.

Featured Artist Francesca Tesoriere

Italian artist Francesca Tesoriere is a freelance illustrator who has created artwork for childrens books, greeting cards, gift wrap and other projects. She is seeking additional art licensing opportunities.

Advice from a RockStar Sales Rep

Sales rockstar Meryl Hooker helps artists and entrepreneurs get focused on business strategies to help sell their products. She lists five important steps to help create unique selling propositions for businesspeople and artists.

8 Techniques to Get Your Greeting Card Line into a Store

Eight proven incentives to get store buyers to try your greeting card line. From free shipping and fixtures, to buyouts and guarantees, these techniques will help you get your foot in the door and your card line on the racks of your prospective retail account.

Greeting Card Entrepreneur Designs Her Own Success

Louisa Huang, creator of the greeting card line “Paper Musings” explains how she started and grew her business. Information on the greeting card business, sales reps, marketing and inspiration are included.

Featured Artist Clare Rosean

Featured Artist Clare Rosean discusses her whimsical light-hearted artwork. She produces fine art, cards and stationery of her designs. Clare talks about her background and influences.

Choose the Right Printer for Your Greeting Card Line

Tips and suggestions for artists who have their own greeting card line on how to choose the best printer for the job. Includes interviews with Hok Yeung of Persimmon Press and Kate Harper.