How to Grow Your Art Business Through Referrals

How to ask for and receive business referrals; word-of-mouth referrals, written referrals and networking are discussed.

Increase Business by Building Your Personal Network

Building a personal network of friends and contacts gets you started on giving and receiving business referrals. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build business. How to make contacts, follow up and give referrals, while being open to receiving them as well.

Share Your Creative Spirit

When someone buys your artwork, they aren’t just buying a physical product. They are buying a piece of your creativity, a connection to your talent and ability. How do you connect with your audience and create your personal value?

3 Essential Networking Strategies You Must Know

Advanced strategies for business people to grow their business. Use the techniques of following up on networking leads, creating alliances with other businesspeople, and establishing credibility to enhance your business and help others in a win-win situation.

10 Tips for Effective Networking

Networking tips for artists and businesspeople. How to prepare for and attend a networking event successfully. Includes suggested reading, making contacts and following up.

Selling Your Work in New York Galleries/An Insider’s Story

Rhonda Schaller, an artist, gallery owner, career counselor and teacher, gives an insider’s view on how to sell your work in New York art galleries, or to self-produce your work and advance your art career.