Featured Artist Mitchell Gibson

Featured artist Mitchell Gibson shares a compelling story and a selection of works from his surreal portfolio.

Featured Artist Neecy Twinem

Enjoy this collection from the colorful nature-inspired portfolio of artist Neecy Twinem, who tells stories through painting.

Use Press Releases to Get Your Art Noticed

Press releases are a marketing basic, and there are different types artists can write. Here’s how to create releases for different audiences.

Featured Artist Jennifer Bass

Artist Jennifer Bass presents a portfolio of botanical paintings drawn from her experience as an herbalist.

Featured Artist Frantisek Strouhal

Artist Frantisek Strouhal presents an ethereal collection of figurative and still life images, each infused with a touch of mystery.

Featured Artist Michelle Delanty

Featured artist and painter Michelle Delanty presents a soulful collection of pet portraits to melt your heart.

Featured Artists Jo Ann & George Aiello

Enjoy the masterful floral photography and stunning portfolio of featured artists Jo Ann and George Aiello.

Instagram Growth Strategies for Artists in 2024

In the ever-changing landscape of Instagram, strategies that once promised growth may no longer be as effective.

Featured Artist Elisabeth Fitzhugh

Featured artist Elisabeth Fitzhugh creates colorful and detailed collages using regional and cultural imagery.

Featured Artist Dana Weekley

Enjoy the mesmerizing portfolio of featured artist Dana Weekley, whose work connects art and consciousness.

Featured Artist John Chehak

John Chehak presents a delightfully colorful collection of contemporary paintings created in his distinctive signature style.

Featured Artist Fleur Palau

Enjoy featured artist Fleur Palau’s distinctive portfolio of dreamlike landscape and figurative paintings.

An Artistic Collaboration

Artists Pamela Goldberg and Sabin Cannon run a studio called Double Exposure. We recently had a conversation on how collaboration works.

Featured Artist Mike da Ponte

Mixed media artist Mike Ponte combines sculptural technique with his background in graphic design to create a compelling collection.