A Talented Artist Builds a Big Business

Artist Roza Khaminova’s collection of scarves and wearables has exploded in popularity. How has she dealt with scaling her business and dealing with knockoffs?

Selling One-of-a-Kind Art at Wholesale

Even though each sculpture is individual, he does take orders for similar sculptures with the same theme. However, they will have different fabrics and details.

How Sublimation Printing can Scale an Art Business

Taking this step means she is now poised to enter new marketplaces for her work, and is ready to build a strong business with potential to sell volume and gain repeat orders.

From Concept to Market: One Artist’s Story

What does it take to take a product idea all the way to the mass market? This artist shares her experiences.

How I Launched a Sustainable Business as an Artist

Glassblower and guest blogger Jake Pfeifer grew a solid business selling his work. Here’s his story and best advice for other new entrepreneurs.     Creating glass art pieces is my life’s work.  I have known this since I was 14, when I visited an open air glass blowing studio in Bermuda while on a family […]

How an Artist Created a Full-Time Business

I love creating artwork, however, selling originals I learned early on was the limiting factor if that is all I sold.

Opportunities for Artists Who Wholesale

The American Made Show presents a marketplace drawing members of the trade, and all types of buyers for handmade goods.

Taking Art to the Mass Market

The Artwork Factory sells through three channels: retail to the public through online sales, wholesale to large retailers and smaller independent stores, and to the trade, working mostly with interior designers

How to Scale Your Art Business

You might consider having your artwork reproduced in different formats, creating products for sale on a retail and/or wholesale basis.

Selling Wholesale as a Business Model

How artists and makers can take advantage of wholesaling, which is a sustainable business model that can help grow their sales.

Wholesaling Essentials – Creating a Win/Win Partnership with Empathy

Let your online marketing focus on a win-win for you and the retailers representing your line by showing off your great line and sending business to your great partners.

The Best of Artsy Shark 2012

What were the most-read articles published on Artsy Shark this year? Here’s the annual countdown, including how to make the most of art shows, get more press, improve your sales and work with galleries.

Etsy is going Wholesale. Will It Work for You?

In my opinion, many vendors on Etsy fail because they don’t understand the fundamentals of business, including product development, pricing and marketing.

How to Sell Your Work to Museum Stores

Selling art and craft to museum shops is very different than working with traditional galleries and stores.