Featured Artist Sylvia Cohen

Artist Sylvia Cohen combines line drawing with splashes of color to create expressive and dynamic portraits of women and celebrities.

Featured Artist Shel Waldman

Shel Waldman’s Native American art focuses on the connection between humanity and nature, evoking a sense of deep spirituality.

Featured Artist Adorable Monique

My art work explores aspects of our natural world and human experience. I intend to discover the inner beauty of things and the complexities of life, the natural environment that represents life, the water that nourishes the earth with fertility, knowledge and the evolution of life.

Artist Showcase, Early Summer 2018

Twenty-three artists were invited to share their work in this early summer Artist Showcase. Enjoy the variety, talent and  creative spirit in this collection. Learn more about each individual artist by clicking on their name.     Sandra Iafrate “Abundance” with its busy freeways of flowers is an oversized painting that encompasses the viewer and […]

Featured Artist Siv Storøy

The essence of the female archetype remains a great mystery, and through my artwork I try to both reveal and maintain that mystery.

Featured Artist Jerry Lofaro

Artist Jerry Lofaro’s hyper-realistic digital illustrations are filled with bright color and sharp detail.

Featured Artist Jane Caminos

Artist Jane Caminos’ vivid paintings show acts of violence against women around the world, and send a powerful message.

Featured Artist Joseph Bellofatto

“The Storyteller Artist,” Joseph Bellofatto creates intricate images in oil and graphite that evoke emotion, place and time

Featured Artist Tim Phelps

Using symbolic patterns and vibrant color, artist Tim Phelp’s engaging nature mandalas express his fascination and love for the earth.

A Favorite Work of Art

We asked some artists to share a favorite work and their inspiration.

Featured Artist Martha Zmpounou

Artist Martha Zmpounou combines realism and abstraction, inspired by the juxtaposition of her imagination and everyday life.

Featured Artist Eleanor Goudreau

Artist Eleanor Goudreau skillfully shares her observations of nature and mankind’s effect on the environment.

Featured Artist Marta Lett

Artist Marta Lett celebrates her Celtic heritage by creating works that combine her ancestry with the flora and fauna of her Australian home.

Featured Artist Mark DeMent

I enjoy artwork that leads someone to create their own backstory. I find it fun to see if I can create a piece that someone would want to know enough of the story surrounding it that they would complete the story for themselves.