Featured Artist Bobbi Baugh

Everybody has a story. Every thing has a story. Whether we are looking at a person, or a structure, or a part of the natural world, what we see is not all there is. There is always more going on. That’s what interests me.

Featured Artist Joanie Landau

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse.

Featured Artist Brigitte Polemis

With our fast-paced life style in a light-speed technology environment we have resulted in a mechanized, shallow, homogeneous world, leading to a cruel and irrevocable path toward an uncertain future.

Featured Artist Nancy Salamon

I use white stoneware fired to 2232°. My designs are drawn from nature—fish, herons, dragonflies, calla lilies, crabs, hummingbirds.

Featured Artist Clare Haxby

Using mixed media and printmaking, British artist Clare Haxby creates large scaled paintings and limited edition prints of the places and buildings she has visited in London and Singapore.

Featured Artist Dianne Jean Erickson

The portrait series “Women With Attitude” happened spontaneously one day as I was playing around with shapes and color.

Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson

Printmaking has made me a better draftsperson as everything is mirror image and reversed. I need to be sure of my image, backwards, forwards and in subject and composition, before I transfer it to the plate and begin the actual work of mezzotint burnishing and scraping.

Featured Artist Cecelia Feld

My work, in printmaking, painting and collage is about exploring relationships. There are references in my work to the textures, colors, lines and shapes of my encounters in the real world.

Featured Artist Linda Whitney

This body of work was born out of my appreciation for those indigenous cultures of this continent and those who participate in the powwow.

Featured Artist Hannah Klaus Hunter

My goal is to create work for interior spaces that brings our natural world inside, offering viewers a moment of beauty, a respite for the eyes and the soul no matter what the setting.

Featured Artist Frantisek Strouhal

I love to work with the human form. It is the most universal symbol of beauty that stirs and satisfies my mind and heart. Thus the human form is essential to my art work.

Featured Artist Laura Wilder

My prints and paintings are certainly meant to be decorative, but their main mission is to offer a quiet, serene moment or two in a quiet, beautiful place.

Featured Artist Anne Silber

In addition to my aforementioned love of color, many of my works also explore the possibilities of light and shadow, with shadows becoming as much an interesting and integral part of the composition as the objects casting them.

Featured Artist Michele Hardy

Choosing color is an important energy for me and how I approach the world. I am drawn to, and inspired by, the natural world, particularly geological features and concepts.